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The No Limits Soccer Academy was established in 1986 by Coach Dave de Hart in Modesto, California. Since that time we have expanded from local summer camps to a complete soccer training and development resource for players, coaches and teams. Over the last 20 plus years we have offered Personal Individual and Small Group Player Training, Summer Camps, Specialized Player Clinics, College Nights, College Prep Clinics and Coaching Clinics all over the United States. We have with great success presented camps in Dallas, Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Little Rock and Reno and extensively throughout the Central Valley of Northern California.

The No Limits Soccer Academy is independently owned and operated by Coach Dave de Hart. All training, as well as, all camp or clinic curriculum are directly under the design and supervision of Coach de Hart. We believe in a Connective Progression philosophy and always use Scaffolding teaching methods with a bigger and complete goal in mind. It is that bigger and complete goal or picture that we use as our developmental measuring stick.

We are Goalkeeper Training experts. No area goalkeeper training or curriculum measures up to that of the No Limits Soccer Academy. We have trained and developed many professional, college, and state, regional and national level goalkeepers. We offer dynamic and detailed educational goalkeeper training that focuses on long term and complete goals and development.

The No Limits Soccer Academy specializes in player, coach and team development. We are not; affiliated with any specific youth soccer club or any specific state or national youth soccer organization or association. We are however; united with any organization or persons that is guided by quality, proper and proven soccer educational methods and trumpets an understanding of a complete long term picture.

Let us open your eyes to what honest experienced training can do for your development.