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BLOG: Just a thought...

July 8, 2021

Being part of a team is being part of something you can't be by yourself.  Dd

June 17, 2021

Youth Soccer Coaches: Question / Thought. What do you think about the idea of youth soccer tournaments, including the large ones like Surf Cup and such, no longer allowing teams to use guest players as part of their playing roster for an event? It seems that this would increase the overall fun and even the general competitiveness of these events by leveling the playing field, do to speak, for a larger group of competitors (kids/teams). Of course, this kind of change would also ask coaches to develop their own players and build teams through training rather than build teams through recruitment for a particular competition. Kind of dance with who you have concept. Most importantly this kind of change may help those truly talented and hard working coaches that continue to teach the most important aspects of youth athletics such as loyalty, pride, integrity, hard work and the concept of working to achieve team type goals to better do so. Just a thought... Dd    

June 9, 2021

It must be overwhelming and exhausting to be the parent of an aspiring youth athlete these days. The continual search for a better team, a better coach, a better "fit". The constant effort to keep up the Jones. I always felt like the most important thing about opportunity is to recognize it when it's staring you right in the face. Sometimes it may be that simple. As Dorothy Gale from Kansas once said, "there's no place like home". Just a thought... Dd

June 4, 2021

Working in the trenches has it's rewards. Hits to the ego aside. Not to many immediate thank you(s) these days. Cherish the few you get and wish the others all the best. Loyalty Trust Accountability Forthrightness Dd‚Äč

May 20, 2021

Reformed Sports Project: Bouncing kids from one travel team to another, or parents starting their own team so they can control where and how much their kid plays all the time is one of the worst things wrong with youth sports today. How about encouraging kids to COMPETE and EARN their spot? #LIFELESSONS

de Hart: One of youth sports greatest values are the lessons learned for adult life successes. Ups and downs! Just a thought... Dd


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