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"Best Goalkeeper training in the Central Valley of Northern California"
Curtis McAlister - Goalkeeper Coach, Santa Clara University

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Goalkeeping must be trained as a specialized position and given the attention and respect that warrants the results we want and expect. Goalkeeper training is not a matter of kicking the ball at somebody and hoping he or she stops it. It is a complex collection of specifically designed and trained techniques that are unique only to soccer goalkeepers. Additionally, within specific goalkeeper training there must be specific training for an individual goalkeeper. All goalkeepers are different people and athletes.

- Young goalkeepers cannot be allowed to just make the save. Correct and proper technique is vital to their future development and success.

- Goalkeeping specialization should not take place until after the age of ten years old.

- Individual and specialized training is an absolute requirement of becoming a quality goalkeeper.

- The goalkeeper should be the best overall athlete on the soccer team.

- An outstanding goalkeeper, more so than any other player, can make the difference to an outstanding team.

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  Teaching and Understanding

Soccer Goalkeeping

By  David E. de Hart

United States Soccer Federation ‘A’ Licensed Coach

      Free preview of Teaching and Understanding Soccer Goalkeeping:

     Teaching and Understanding Soccer Goalkeeping is a clearly written explanation of goalkeeping attributes, phases of instruction, training methods, techniques and goalkeeper laws of the game.



What’s A Soccer Goalkeeper Look Like?

            Physical Attributes of a Goalkeeper

            Psychological Attributes of a Goalkeeper

            Choosing a Goalkeeper


Phases of Goalkeeper Instruction

            Players Under Ten Years Old

            Players Under Twelve Years Old

            Players Under Fourteen Years Old

            Players Under Sixteen Years Old

            Players Under Twenty Years Old


Progression of a Training Session

            Developing a Topic

            Warm-up and Stretching

            Teaching Process


            Cool-Down Period

            Progression of a Training Session


Techniques of Goalkeeping

            Goalkeeper Stance or Set Position

            Goalkeeper Footwork

            Receiving the Ball

            Receiving Crossed or Flighted Ball

            Basic Diving and Falling

            Punching the Ball

            Distribution of the Ball

            One v One Situations

            Free Kick Situations

            Fitness and Conditioning



Alternative Goalkeeper Training

            Indoor Training

            Mini Ball Training

            Medicine Ball Training


Goalkeepers’ Laws of the Game

            Uniform Color

            Handling the Ball

            Passing the Ball Back to the Goalkeeper

            Possession and Release

            The Six Second Law

            Penalty Kicks



Great Athletes: Masters of Man

What people are saying!

“I have known Dave for 20 years. He served as my soccer coach for many of these years and my friend for all of them. He provided me the knowledge, training and discipline needed to become a top goalkeeper. He instilled in me his own virtue of hard work and never giving up in achieving your goals. He encouraged me and assisted me in my dream of becoming a professional goalkeeper, an experience that I will forever treasure.

                                                                                              Trace Hollis

                                                                                              Professional Goalkeeper

“I would not have been able to achieve the level of success that I was able to attain during my college career if I had not trained with Coach de Hart. His skill and experience in training goalkeepers is second to none. Coach de Hart’s attention to minor details in a goalkeeper’s game is the difference that takes a goalkeeper from good to phenomenal.”

                                                                                             Chris Schultz

                                                                                             College Goalkeeper

“I’ve trained with Dave for several years. His understanding of goalkeeping techniques, drills, positioning, and game theory has greatly improved my skills. I have trained under many goalkeeper coaches and Dave’s training is the best. It has amazed me how a minor change in my technique can have a major impact on the field.”

                                                                                              Brian Sarber

                                                                                              College Goalkeeper

“As an educator, Dave de Hart has shown immeasurable energy, enthusiasm and soccer knowledge. He conveys information in an articulate and suitable level for others to learn. As an Olympic Development coach, Dave has proven his ability to communicate and teach young athletes, no matter the age or gender. Dave continuously received the highest of all staff evaluation scores from both players and parents in the program. This is a most honorable achievement. His love of the game can be seen and heard during any conversation and certainly in his new book.”

                                                                                            Karl Dewazien

                                                                                            CYSA-N Coaching Director