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TRACE HOLLIS - Former Professional Goalkeeper - Current Club Team Coach

"I have known Dave for 35 years. He served as my soccer coach for many of these years and my friend for all of them. He provided me the knowledge, training and discipline needed to become a top goalkeeper. He instilled in me his own virtue of hard work and never giving up in achieving your goals. He encouraged me and assisted me in my dream of becoming a professional goalkeeper, an experience that I will forever treasure."

RON HOGSETT - Former College Player - Founder and Director of Forms Academy - Allen, Texas

"Writing this has been tough due of the difficult task of testifying on the impact Dave has had on my life and career in a brief, confined statement. This certainly will not do him justice, but the truth is Dave has played, intended or not, a crucial role in my thought processes about the game. He challenged my thinking in college as a player, allowed me to explore levels beyond what I grew up understanding about how the game "should" be played, and more importantly, restored a confidence in my abilities I had somehow lost in North Texas on my way to college.

I started our academy with the encouragement of Dave several years ago and he continues to be a resource for me when I need guidance, have questions, or need feedback. Dave is the first coach that I encountered that truly managed players. Yes, he coached and trained players, but he also managed the individuals and crafted the development of the intangibles- something I now heavily focus on. Dave is one of very few coaches I trust with the training and development of my own son, and I strongly recommend him to anyone that will listen. Ultimately, I became a better player because of Dave and now, I work everyday to be the coach he was to me for the rest of my program."

REGGIE RIVAS - Former College Player - President and Director of Crescenta Valley Soccer Club

"At the young age of 12, Dave became my soccer coach and over the next 8 years instilled in me an amazing love of the game. He taught all of us the value and importance of working hard and never giving up when working towards our goals. It is those principles and standards that Dave demanded that helped me reach my soccer goals and that I continue to base my coaching on today."

MITCHELL WATSON - Former U.S. National Team Goalkeeper - Current Club Team Coach

Dave displays a high degree of integrity, a passion to achieve, and is a strong motivator. His ability to break down techniques, inspire confidence and generate results is astounding. He has a knack for developing players so they reach their full potential. In addition to that, he also is able to develop a player's character so they can have success off the field as well. In just under two years, he took me from being a backup goalkeeper on a local competitive team to the starter on the U-14 United States National Team."

AARON BRUECKNER - Former College Player - Current College Coach

"This has been well over-due, but I want to thank you for the opportunity to have played under you for three years at Ozarks. I also want to thank you for your passion, determination, and relentless work-ethic on and off the field. A big part of the person I am today and the desire to coach is because of you."

CASEY CLARK - Former College Goalkeeper - Current Professional Goalkeeper

"I would like to thank Coach Dave de Hart for all he has done for me. His experience and intense training sessions helped me to be able to go to college and start as a freshman goalkeeper. I believe I would not have received the multiple NCAA and NAIA College offers in which to choose from if it wasn't for his training. His knowledge of the game and easy to talk to personality make him an ideal trainer for any age level that desires to reach their full potential in the great game of soccer."

RYAN CURTIS - Current College Goalkeeper - Sacramento State Hornets

"I have trained with Dave de Hart for about 10 years, and not only has he been a great coach, but a terrific friend and mentor as well. I am very grateful for all that he has done for me in my soccer career. I can sat with complete honesty that I would not be where I am today without the help of Dave."

MYA SANCHEZ - Current MVLA / Ajax United Club Team Player

ECNL / Id2 National Camp, CCAL Player of the Year, High School All Region Team

"I have worked with Coach de Hart since I was 8 years old. His knowledge of the goalkeeper position has really helped me to develop as a player. His goalkeeper training sessions are well thought out and have a great balance of intensity and humor. I appreciate his honesty and feedback and I consider him a lifelong friend."

TYLER KRIESE - Current Ajax United Club Team Player

Team Captain / High School All Conference First Team Selection

"Dave de Hart has been my personal trainer for 5 years and has helped me to become the player that I am today. Dave has a lot of enthusiasm and heart for the sport of soccer and is always striving to teach and grow his players' skills. With every training session he pre-plans out the day down to the minute and bases the training on each players' level. He demands maximum effort, focus and commitment to the training. I plan on continuing my training with Dave through my senior year in High School and into my Collegiate career.

CHRIS SCHULTZ - Former College Goalkeeper

"I would not have been able to achieve the level of success that I was able to attain during my college career if I had not trained with Coach de Hart. His skill and experience in training goalkeepers is second to none. Coach de Hart's attention to minor details in a goalkeeper's game is the difference that takes a goalkeeper from good to phenomenal."

BRIAN SARBER - Former College Goalkeeper

I've trained with Dave for several years. His understanding of goalkeeping techniques, drills, positioning, and game theory has greatly improved my skills. I have trained under many goalkeeper coaches and Dave's training is the best. It has amazed me how a minor change in my technique can have a major impact on the field.

KATIE (FOSTER) JARRATT - Former College Goalkeeper

"I have trained with Dave for over 7 years. Dave's understanding and knowledge of the game have helped me to become the player that I am today. His love for the game is shown in every training session I have with him. He has challenged me not only to be a better goalkeeper, but also a better person. So thank you Dave for everything you have taught me. Thank you for pushing me to always do better; to always be better. You have helped me to reach the level of soccer that I never thought I was capable of achieving. Thank you again for everything."

AMANDA ROSE JOHNSON - Former College Goalkeeper

Coach Dave de Hart is not a soft and fuzzy coach. He is set in reality, purpose, and professionalism. We did not waste time, we got the job done and we did it well. I had the size, speed and willingness to be great, but I lacked a coach that could take me to that highest competitive level. Coach de Hart trained with the eye and experience of an expert. I am profoundly thankful. As a result of his trainings, I have been awarded the Defensive Player of the Week twice in the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference this season. I was also named the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference All Tournament Goalkeeper 2010, as a freshman. My university coach has stated that with his many years coaching NCAA DII soccer that I am the best technically trained goalkeeper that he has ever coached and the best in the entire RMAC. That is a compliment that I am very proud of and I would like to thank Coach de Hart for his part in my successes.

ROBBIE HARMELINK - Former College Goalkeeper

"I trained with Dave de Hart since I was 12 years old. I have learned a great deal of technique, skills and lessons from Dave. He has taught me so much; from goalkeeping basics to the extremes, to life lessons and given advice when needed. Dave is a great guy and an amazing instructor. I consider him my Sensei (LOL) and my mentor. I am truly grateful for everything he has done. Thank you!"

JOHN RINCK - College Goalkeeper, Fairmont, WV

"I am a 17 year old High School Senior and starting goalkeeper on my High School soccer team. I had the opportunity to attend a goalkeeper camp this past summer where Dave de Hart was the guest coach and I have to say, I learned more in that one week with Dave than I have in the 8 years I have played keeper. Dave knows goalkeeping and knows how to teach it, he helped me to correct what I was doing wrong and told me how to perfect what I was doing right. I know that I am 100% better than I was going into that camp. Friends, family, teammates and my coach have all told me what a difference the camp made. Dave de Hart is AWESOME; if you have a chance to work with him you will not be disappointed and will definitely go away with a better understanding of the goalkeeper position." John Rinck, Fairmont, WV


"My son, Haidyn, has been working with Dave for over 4 years through goalkeeper training as well as his Ajax 06B Academy team. I have nothing but great words to speak about Dave, he is an amazing coach and mentor to kids. He makes training fun, helps kids learn and gain confidence, and makes them better human beings. Haidyn always looks forward to practice and any kind of training he can get in with Dave. Practice are always well thought out and planned but still leave enough time for the boys to have some fun. I am so happy that Haidyn has been able to learn and grow under the guidance of Dave and hope it will continue for years to come."


Our son Drevin has been doing personal training with Coach Dave de Hart and we could not be more thrilled with the results we are seeing in our son, as well as we could not be more grateful for Dave’s time and commitment. The personal training sessions were an absolute vital step in our son’s progression toward being a hard-working, confident, driven soccer player! Drevin’s technical abilities and focus on how and when to train has greatly improved with the personal training. Dave is a highly dedicated, extremely focused Coach and Personal Trainer. We knew right away that Coach Dave had a very unique gift in what he does when he recognized traits in our son that others hadn’t seen. It shows his immense ability to understand the players, and fine tune the focus of improvement to that specific player. It is just a side bonus that Dave has a great personality that our son as well as ourselves really enjoy. Thanks a million Coach Dave!


"We feel extremely fortunate to have had Dave coach our nine year old son's club soccer team for the last few years. He has a fantastic coaching style that combines the right amount of discipline, hard work and motivation with a wonderful sense of humor that the boys love and adore. Dave is extremely committed. He is consistent, timely and serves as an excellent example for the boys as to how to conduct themselves on and off the field. We have appreciated his connection with our son who has learned not only to play better soccer, but to embrace a strong work ethic and a joy for the game at the same time. We look forward to many more years of Dave's tremendous coaching!"

STUART KAPLAN - Parent and Coach

"One of the best things I have done for my sons and their competitive soccer experience, was to enlist the services of Dave de Hart. Dave's straight to the point, no nonsense, high intensity training has provided a spark for both my sons Jordan and Spenser. Dave's uses his knowledge of the game with real world experiences to bring every skill, drill, and exercise meaning and purpose. Dave never lets either son settle, rather pushing them to reach a new level of success and skill every training session. He gets in the trenches to share his knowledge, breath for breath and sweat for sweat. My boys look forward to seeing Dave every week, and taking everything in like a sponge. I watch them play each week for their respective teams, and I can see them applying what they have learned. I have watched my sons play with a new enthusiasm and joy over the past year, and I attribute that to Dave. As a coach I am in awe of his methods, but as a parent I am nothing short of grateful."


"Dave de Hart is an excellent coach, teacher, and trainer. He has been training our daughter as a goalkeeper for almost 4 years. His knowledge, understanding, experience, and love for the game of soccer is apparent in every training session he has with Katie. He has not only taught her the fundamentals of goalkeeping, he has been preparing her to play at the college level. Dave pushes and challenges her mentally and physically from every angle. With his knowledge and passion, he has been continually bringing Katie to a higher level of play. With the training Katie has received from Dave she will be fundamentally as well as technically ready to play at the next level."

GAIL A. JOHNSON - Parent, Teacher and Coach

"What Dave brought to the table was his vast experience as a teacher and a coach at the college level. He knew what it would take for an athlete to be superior. As a parent and college athlete, (in the day) I appreciated the fact that he took the time during training to not only physically, but also mentally prepare my daughter for college soccer. The training was rigorous and very well thought out. Her technical skills and tactical knowledge has become so extensive? I can attest that Dave de Hart has played a major role in her successes."

ANNETTE ZAKEL-ARNETT - "A Very Thankful Parent"

"My daughter, Ashley "Turbo" Arnett, plays in Danville for the Mustang Xplosion U13 Gold team, but we live in the Oakdale area. We feel so fortunate to have found a trainer of Dave de Hart's caliber so close to home. His training's always inspire and bring out the best in Ashley's game. Dave's understanding and knowledge of all levels of soccer are immense. Ashley mentioned that she has reflected on Dave's training's in the middle of games and it gave her confidence and focus. She always looks forward to training with Dave because of his contagious enthusiasm and challenging drills. With Dave's continued guidance, there are No Limits to what Ashley can achieve in soccer." 


"Thank you so much. I see a different athlete out there than I did last year or even this summer, Dervin is really coming along as a leader for his team. He makes his share of mistakes and misses, but he is understanding them, processing them and sets about trying to figure out how to fix it. He's working on the notion, we may not win, but we will play this game better than the last. You have helped foster a great determination, he will not quit and he will not let his team quit either."

"So, I wanted to thank you. He feels stronger and more confident every time he works with you. You are making a difference in this young man's life."