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Individual Player Training - Central Valley, CA (1 hour session)

Individual Goalkeeper Training               $40.00 per session

Pair (2) Goalkeeper Training                   $35.00 each per session

Group (3) Goalkeeper Training               $30.00 each per session

Individual Player Training                       $40.00 per session

Pair (2) Player Training                            $35.00 each per session

Group (3) Player Training                        $30.00 each per session

BEST DEAL! - Small Group Clinics

We are excited to offer one of our most successful training concepts to the young soccer players of the Central Valley. Our Small Group Clinics offer individual technical training and general tactical concepts under pressure and boundaries of play. Small Group Clinics have proven to be an outstanding additional and supplemental tool to a young player’s regular team trainings. Though numerous positive and correct competitive repetitions of individual skills and tactical concepts the player will gain the confidence in their ability to advance to new levels within their play. This type of high level supplemental training has always been a key

Group size: 6 to 8 players; Length of Session: 1 hour; Cost: $15.00 per player per session

E-mail us at: [email protected] to sign-up your small group.

Please Note: Clinics are not any particular area soccer club affiliated.     Clinics are designed as supplemental individual training.

Team Training (1 ½ hr. session)        $125.00 per session

Player Clinics and Camps                    Contracted Agreement

Coaches Clinics                                   Contracted Agreement

Our Liability and Medical Release must be completed before any training or camp participation.

CLICK HERE! For Medical Release!


Email: [email protected]      Call us: 818-395-1221